Our Values

We want our brand and products to have a positive impact on the environment and bring health benefits to our customers. We know how difficult it is to lead a healthy lifestyle with so much responsibilities at work and at home. We would like to make it simpler, deliver products that are always at hand, require no preparation, and above all ­ they are delicious and healthy.

we promote a healthy lifestyle

we take care of animals and nature

we never use GMO’s

we are socially responsible

Meet Kefir and Twarog

We use a combination of Grass­Fed milk and traditional Kefir Grains, which turn into billions of CFU’s in each spoonful, or sip.

Our 12 Live & Active Pro­biotic Cultures are working hard to give Cupful Kefir an unparalleled level of thickness and creaminess. You can now enjoy a delicious snack high in Pro­biotics and without redundant enhancers.

So... what exactly do Probiotics do?

According to some studies those gut­friendly microorganisms may balance your digestive health, improve immune system and help maintain a healthy weight. consuming Kefir as a snack is a convenient way of getting a dose of Probiotics for the whole family. Not only it gives you a wide variety of beneficial bacteria, it also is one of the few food products with such high concentration of them.

Is it NON-GMO?

Our mission is clear ­ never use GMO’s. We have selected all of our ingredients carefully. They are all free of Genetically Modified Organism’s, thus safe for you and your family.

Why is Grass­Fed better?

Nature intended cows to graze on grass and greens – why should we ever change that? Grass­Fed cows give less milk than cows that feed on Corn/Grain, but their milk is superior. They also tend to be healthier and live longer. Milk from Grass­Fed cows not only tastes better, it also has ideally balanced levels of Omega­3 and Omega­6 fatty acids. In addition it is rich with CLA, and Vitamins A, K and E.

It’s Seasonal...

Cows graze on fresh grass and greens in spring, summer and fall. They feed on hay from the same pastures in the winter months. Therefore you may notice varying color in our Grass­Fed dairy as the cows change their diet depending on season...

Gluten Free and 99% Lactose Free

You may safely consume our Cupful Dairy even if you are gluten, or lactose intolerant.

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Our farm and ingredients

Drinking Cupful Kefir makes even our cows happier!

By buying our Grass­-Fed dairy, you’re supporting sustainable, small­scale farming. This type of farming is better for our environment and the milk from Grass­Fed cows tastes better and is healthier for you. We are proud to work with family run farms in New York State where the cooler climate makes the grass greener (literally!). We only source milk from local small herd dairy farmers within 20­mile radius from our creamery. When they deliver fresh Grass­Fed milk, we turn it into delicious Kefir by adding 12 Live and Active Probiotic Cultures.

We than add locally sourced ingredients such as fruit puree, juice and organic sugar, which complement our Kefir perfectly. Made in small batches from local ingredients, each cup and bottle is carefully prepared to bring joy to our customers. Our Fresh Cheese is made according to the same high standards. We use only two ingredients to make it – Farm Fresh Grass­-Fed Milk and probiotic cultures.

Join us in our journey to better, happier, healthier life – try Cupful today!